Meet the team


Founder & CEO
Shenzhen, China

After graduating from university in France, I then lived and worked in the UK, Canada, Switzerland and moved to China in 2014 where I started my own F&B Business Development company. Here, I had a great experience while setting-up and developing retail chain stores dedicated to French wines, with 15 outlets opened within 18 months across the country. 

With such success in traditional retail and the rise of cross-border e-commerce in China, I found out there were opportunities for foreign brands to succeed here by smartly combining the flexibility of Cross-Border E-Commerce and the power of traditional retail distribution network.

Food and wine lover, professional wine educator holding a WSET Level3, I have been living in China since 2014 and love travelling around South-East Asia and discover this beautiful region and its cultures.

After getting my economics degree in Wuhan University, I started my career in Shenzhen, one of the most dynamic cities in China, where I am mostly helping establish the local brands  as well as foreign brands within China in sales and marketing field.  

The deep I am going into this field, the more I notice Chinese consumers are looking for more delicate artisan foreign brands. However, the big headache is that it’s been more consuming to identify the authenticity than getting access to these brands, which creates the opportunities for  authentic foreign brands to reach Chinese consumers in an innovative way.

The combination of E-commerce cross-border and local distribution network opens the new doors and opportunities to both local merchants as well as foreign brands.

A Chinese local keen on Latin Salsa dancing, regular runner and swimmer.


Marketing & Operations
Shenzhen, China

Joyce MINA

Sales & Marketing assistant
Shenzhen, China

After graduation, I had the opportunity to work in several position in sales and marketing in both offline retail and online shops. Passionate about food, fashion and people, I love discovering new cultures and learning by sharing experience and being involved in different project.

China being one of the largest and fastest growing market in the world, my increasing interest for this fascinating country and all the opportunities but also its challenges it has to offers naturally led me to join the team at FABCO China.

As a passionate individual, I am devoted to make our partner’s journey with us as smooth as possible and with my ease of contact and professionalism, I am proud to bring my personal touch to the team.

Proud mother of a young boy, I love cooking for my family and friends. My favorite place on earth? On the beach with my friends cooking barbecue while listening to music!

Based in Melbourne, Australia, I have more than 20 years’ experience trading throughout the China/Asia Pacific region and beyond. Working across a range of industry sectors, I’ve enjoyed creating China and broader Asia focused market strategies from both a product development and sales aspect.
I’ve held Director level responsibility for organizations across the region, with a strong focus on identifying opportunities to increase sales growth. And backed with a Masters of Business from Monash University, I thrive on the challenges associated with taking new products to market.
More recently I’ve been drawing on my extensive experience and unique regionally focused background to provide advice and consultation on a range of projects to support companies to take their products to the China market.
In my spare time I love creating a mess in the kitchen, hoping to create the perfect pizza base to bake in an oversized backyard wood fired oven. All the while enjoying a range of local wines….

I’m thrilled to now join FABCO China to support new partners in taking Australia’s amazing products to China.


Executive Director Australia office
Melbourne, Australia


Executive Director Australia office
Melbourne, Australia

Born in Sydney, Australia I then lived in Belgium for almost 6 years. I am fortunate now to split my time between Australia, China and the USA. After completing my MBA in 2006 I worked in Senior Executive roles for a number of global companies before launching my own successful business exporting Australian made products to China.

I have been travelling to China on business for over a decade and have grown to love this country and the amazing opportunities for trade especially in the booming e-commerce channel.

Something that I identified over this time is the need for a partner to help integrate all aspects of starting or developing a business in China. This includes developing your strategy for the China market, setting up the relevant legal and financial structures, creating your online and/or offline platforms and getting the right exposure for your brand in the market.

I have experienced the benefits FABCO China had on my business so much so that I am pleased to say I have now joined the team as Director of the Australian office.

With an academic training oriented to the world of Advertising and Marketing and, the enriching experience of having lived in several countries, I started my professional career always linked to the international area of the company. The support of a Master’s in Business Management and Marketing and another, at International eBusiness, has helped me to understand how local marketing and adaptability to the cultural and technological context of a country are vital elements in the digital internationalization strategy of a company, always looking for that balance between the online and offline channel.

My passion for learning how cross-cultural business behavior can positively affect international business (win-win), has led me to train in specialized courses focused on operational management in international business and intercultural negotiation, including also China, a country with which I maintain a special cultural bond through my daughter.

As an independent consultant, I develop collaborations for the localization of Food and Beverage suppliers (Spain & Italy origin) for potential international buyers, focusing on the Chinese market. In collaboration with a Hindu business group we can locate and supply agricultural commodities (grain) according to each specific request.

As Partner at FTIME Asia Business Development, we promote Cross-Border Ecommerce as a strategy in the digital internationalization of small and medium-sized Spanish companies interested in developing the online market in CHINA.

Partnering with FABCO CHINA gives us the opportunity to help Spanish brands enter and grow in the Chinese market, enhancing the online presence and creating user experiences in points of sale thanks to the implementation of new technologies typical of this country.


Partner FTIME Asia Business Development
Madrid, Spain

Almudena VAZQUEZ

Partner FTIME Asia Business Development
Madrid, Spain

I have a Bachelor of Arts in English, a Master in international Trade and a second one in International E-commerce. After working as a Foreign Trade Technician in the Commercial Offices of the Embassies of Ireland and Malta, I started my career as Export Director in a Spanish food company, where I opened several markets in Southeast Asia and started manufacturing for third parties outside of Spain.
Subsequently I helped developing and marketing, for a Spanish logistics group, a one-stop service focused on door-to-door transportation of goods at controlled temperature for ecommerce and a tax deposit for alcoholic beverages.

For two years I have been working as an independent consultant working with several Spanish food companies as well as international buyers. During this time I have collaborated with FIAB (Spanish Federation of Food and Beverage Industries) and with ANICE (National Association of Meat Industries of Spain), among others.
In FTIME we are consultants for Spanish food and cosmetics companies willing to enter the Chinese market via crossborder ecommerce.

My two passions: gastronomy and travel. I enjoy everything that revolves around both: literature, cinema, cookbooks, blogs and photography. Living in 5 different countries has been the great adventure of my life as well as being the mother of two tireless kids.

Leo ZHU is a professional Chinese attorney in Hangzhou, and also foreign legal consultant of State Bar of California, USA. He and his team are strong at Chinese market’s IP protection and international trade disputes solving. They work closely with global lawyers, such as US, Canada, EU, Japan etc. 

Vice-director at Chession Law firm in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, China


Leo and his team have profound legal and commercial knowledge and experience in brand protection and promotion in China and global stages.


Lawyer & Partner
Hangzhou, China