China activity dashboard:

Main features - dashboard:

  • Online access 24/7
  • Connect with your WeChat Official Account to provide analytics data (number of followers, latest posts, likes, views...)
  • Sales reporting by month and top 5 sales
  • Inventory analytics
  • Importers / buyers localization, lead status and sales reporting
An efficient collaborative tool:

Each day, our team in China will input the feedback from their meeting or call with prospects and customers, translate and post on your Chinese social media the latest feed from your Facebook and Instagram accounts and input any orders placed by clients.

Centralized data:

Our system will record and retrieve each day all information entered by our team related to invoicing, sales report and fetch data from your WeChat Official Account. Our solution is compliant with China’s Cyber Security Law (CSL).

24/7 online access to your data:

All data are available online 24/7 from your secured interface. You can export data in JPG or Excel format to create your own reports, visualize your sales activity and distributor network and share documents, reply to inquiries and follow-up with prospects status online.