Virtual Reality

VR, 360 & 3D solution:

Main features - VR / 360 / 3D solution:

3D definition:
Cost: $

3D movies are generated using standard 2D movies and converted in a specific format which allows viewer to watch the movie in 3D using our headset equipment. No interaction possible, the result is a movie with a higher depth of field, giving the illusion of 3D.

360 definition:
Cost: $$$

360 movies requires specific recording camera (called 360 camera) with two wide angle lenses (180 degrees) on each side to record a movie in all directions. The viewer has limited interaction, but can look around him and discover his surrounding environment.

VR definition:
Cost: $$$$$

VR stands for “Virtual Reality” where the viewer has direct interaction with his environment: using external hand controllers, the viewer can navigate through menus, virtually move within the virtual environment and interact with the movie.

Why using VR / 360 / 3D solution in China?